Provisional Programme


Sibéal Annual Conference Provisional Outline

Trinity College Dublin, 21/22nd November, 2014

Friday 21st November, Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin

12 – 1pm Registration
1 – 2.30pm Keynote – Maíréad Enright
2.30 – 4pm Panel 1, Long Room Hub Venue 1Transformations: Women and feminism, online and gaming. (Chair: Jen O’Meara)

  • Angry Birds: Women’s Space in the Gendered Gaming Terrain (Kate Cunningham, St. Andrews)
  • ‘Know Your Role’ – Linguistic construction of identities for female gamers (Siobhan Ramos, UCC)
  • The Cyborg who Tweeted: The Evolution of Feminism Online (Mary McGill, NUIG)

Panel 2, Jonathan Swift Theatre, Arts Block

Transforming, negotiating, perceiving and recognising. (Chair: Kirsten Donnelly)

  • Transforming how we do History: Developing a LGBT Digital Archive (Orla Egan, UCC)
  • Negotiation LGBQ identity in contemporary Northern Ireland (Zigganni Booth, QUB)
  • Be a Man: The Oppressive Nature of Hegemonic Masculinity as perceived by Gay and Bi-Sexual Men (Drew Murphy, LIT)


4 – 4.30pm Tea and coffee, Long Room Hub.
4.30 – 6.30pm Panel 1, Long Room Hub Venue 1Masculinities: performing, suppressing and gendering.

  • Walking in the Way – Performing Masculinity (Pauline Cummins and Frances Mezzetti, NCAD)
  • Subverting Gender Masculinity or Suppressing the Unmanly? A comparative study of gender alterity in Capuana’s L’invisible and Palazzeschi’s Il codice di perelá (Martina O’Leary, UCC)
  • Man for a day, woman for life? Gender switches in the crossroads of body, gender and society (Judith Conrads, University of Duisburg-Essen) 

Panel 2, Jonathan Swift Theatre, Arts Block

Literary responses. (Chair: Mary Bridgeman)

  • For him, she was always available’: Translating Kafka and Murakami’s postmodern females (Deirdre Flynn, Limerick, MIC)
  • Myth, Women’s Time, Outcasts: A Counterpoint to ‘The Scandal Lasting Ten Thousand Years’ in Elsa Morante’s La Storia: Romanzo (Annette Feeney, UCC)
  • Xiao Hong’s trapped narrator – animal embodiment and the lonely female (Bodil Knuts, SOAS)
  • The Birth (and Death) of Venus: The Seaside and the Feminine Rite of Passage (Rebecca Mills, Exeter)


6.30pm Wine receptionLaunch of new Sibéal website and awarding of Undergraduate Essay Competition prize (Idea Space, Long Room Hub)
8.15pm Conference dinner at Odessa.

Saturday 22nd November, Long Room Hub/Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin

8.30 – 9.30am Registration
9.30 – 10.30am Welcome to Day 2 of the Sibéal Annual ConferenceKeynote – Dr. Anne Mulhall
10.30 – 11.00am Tea and coffee – Arts Block 4017
11.00 – 12.30pm Panel 1, Arts Block 3021Demands, transgressions and solidarity.

  • The demand of the post-race, neoliberal subject to ‘act whiter’  (Marlene Ellis, Goldsmiths)
  • Transgressive Irish Motherhood: White Irish Mothers of Black Children (Patti O’Malley, UL)
  • How to aid our ‘sisters’: The case of solidarity with Islamic feminists (Niamh Collins, UCC)

Panel 2, Arts Block 3051

Constructions of rape, sexual assault and consent. (Chair: Anne-Marie Joyce)

  • Rape and Sexual Assault: Gendered Constructions of Victims
    (Maeve O’Doherty, LIT)
  • Susanna the Slut: Depictions of Rape Victims in Law and in Art
    (Sophie Doherty, QUB)
  • The unique construction of consent in the offence of rape – a feminist analysis (Sarah O’Sullivan, TCD School of Law)

Panel 3, Arts Block 3071

Colonial and diaspora identities and gender politics.

  • The myriad and the oddity: British Travel Writing, Revolutionary Processes and Gender Politics in Eighteenth Century France
    (Cara Cullivan, TCD)
  • Colonial identities: Images of Irish woman in the paintings of Erskine Nicol (Claire Gibbons, Independent)
  • The institution is decadent and depraved (Marcia X, UEA)
   Panel 4, Arts Block 3106Discursive spaces and female identity

  • Living Dolls: How changes in female identity are reflected in the mirrors of Angela Carter’s fiction (Donna Mitchell, Limerick MIC)
  • The Transformed Body as Discursive Space in the Acallam na Senórach (Christine Neer, NUIG)
  • Grendel’s Mother: The Monster in the House (Alison Killilea, UCC)
12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch – Arts Block 4071
1.30 – 2.00pm AGM – All Welcome
 2.00-3.30pm Panel 1, Arts Block 3027Genital mutilation, cosmetic surgery and female sterilisation

  • ‘Sisters are doin’ it for themselves?’ The Theoretical Framing of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (Tina Bedenik, UCD)
  • Intersectionality and Human Rights Law: An Examination of the Coercive Sterilisations of Romani Women (Siobhan Curran, Ulster)
  • ‘Objects of Medicine’: Sterilisation and Forced Surgery as Pre-Conditions for Legal Gender Recognition (Peter Dunne, TCD School of Law)

Panel 2, Arts Block 3051

Visual Arts.

  • ‘One must have myriad eyes’ Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses (Rebecca Birrell, Birbeck)
  • Fragmentation/Mutilation: Metamorphosis, Multiplicity and Politics in Rosemarie Trockel’s Collages since 2004 (Kathyrn O’Reagan, UCC)
  • Sibéal undergraduate essay winner (Matthew Whyte, UCC)

Panel 3, Arts Block 3071

Gendered Bodies (Chair: Ailish Veale)

  • Where do Monsters come from? Mothers’ Bodies and the Science Fiction of Birth (Nicola Moffat, UCC)
  • ‘I had to remake myself. I had to unmake myself’: Mental Illness and its Treatment in a Modern Irish Context (Michelle Kennedy, Independent)
  • Contested Bodies (Özüm Ünal, Yeditepe University)

Panel 4, Arts Block 3106

 Comparisons, differences, embodiment and materiality.

  • The sociolinguistic narration of females in France: Examining bilingual French-English Dictionaries, 1945-1975 (Diane O’Dea, WIT)
  • Beyond the gender gap: gender identities and foreign language ideologies among adolescent language learners (Jennifer Martyn, UCD)
  • Pathways to recognition: A critical discourse analysis of the development of ‘best practice’ legal gender recognition policies (Luke Field, UCC)



3.30 – 4.00 pm                     Tea/Coffee Break – Arts Block 4017

4 – 5.30pm Panel 1, Arts Block 3027Identity and race experiences in Higher Education and Professional life.

  • Identity experiences of elite overseas-trained South Asian doctors in the UK (Yasmin Farooq, Manchester)
  • An investigation into the college experiences of Muslim students in an Irish University (Buse Gamze Ustundag, DCU)

Panel 2, Arts Block 3051

 Female identities: breaking down barriers.

  • Mamie Cadden: The Cultural Meanings of a Death-Sentenced Woman (Lynsey Black, TCD)
  • The Irish Mammy: Now you see her, now you don’t (Pauline O’Connor, IADT)
  • Too loud a silence: Breaking down the barriers on female sexuality (Fiona Reidy, Independent)

Panel 3, Arts Block 3071

Contemporary challenges for Northern/Irish Women. (Chair: Maeve O’Brien)

  • Where are the Women? Spaces for Gendered Political Activism in Northern Ireland (Vilma Bisson, UUJ)
  • A ‘Lovely Girl’ or an ‘Empowered Woman’: Contemporary Femininities and The Rose of Tralee (Carole Quigley, TCD)
  • The paradox of the ‘glass ceiling’ in value driven organisations: experience from Irish International NGO’s (Deirdre Murray, All Hallows College/DCU)


  Conference close approx 5.30 pm.