Gender and Metamorphosis

Sibéal Annual Conference – Trinity College Dublin 21st – 22nd November 2014

Call for Papers: Gender and Metamorphosis

 Sibéal Irish Postgraduate and ECR Feminist & Gender Studies Network will hold its 2014 annual conference in Trinity College Dublin on the 21st and 22nd of November. The conference invites papers that engage with the theme of

Gender and Metamorphosis.

‘Metamorphosis’ implies fluidity, liminality and processes of change.  As a scientific term, it characterises the abrupt biological development of a species after hatching or birth.  This idea of an in-between space or state, of growth, transition and transformation has captured the imagination of philosophers, poets and writers throughout history.  In rejecting essentialist fixed identity categories, feminist scholars too have sought to understand how gender intersects with other identities, paying attention to how these are performed in and through gendered bodies.

This conference hopes to inspire postgraduate and early career researchers from all disciplines engaging with gender and feminism.

The theme is intentionally broad, so as to give presenters the opportunity to showcase their creative and innovative approaches.  We hope to facilitate practical and theoretical based projects, and encourage researchers to submit panels, proposals for workshops, round tables, feminist performances or exhibitions.

Themes might include but need not be limited to the following:

Gender identities in transformation

Gender embodiment

Gender Performativity

Post-colonial identities


Space, Place and Gender


Institutions in flux

Gender and Religion

Medical identities, medicalized bodies


Gender & Migration

Gender & Sexuality

Sociology, History, Literature, History of Art, Popular Culture, Law, Politics, Anthropology etc.

Abstracts or proposals of no more than 250 words should be completed on the template below, also available to download from Deadline for submission is 26th September 2014. For any preliminary enquiries, please email:

Call For Paper Gender and Metamorphosis – Sibeal 2014



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